Tramadol drug interaction with methadone

tramadol drug interaction with methadone

tramadol oral, methadone oral Other mechanism. Tramadol may reinitiate opiate dependence in patients previously addicted to other opiates; it may also provoke withdrawal in patients who are currently opiate dependent. Monitor CloselyPossible serious or life-threatening interaction. Mar 20, - Clinically significant MDIs included withdrawal symptoms, which were found among MMTP patients co-administered with buprenorphine or tramadol; severe QTc prolongation effect, which might be associated with use of haloperidol or droperidol; and additive CNS and respiratory depression, which could result from use of ‎Conclusions · ‎Background · ‎Discussion. The evidence base associated with methadone drug interactions is under- developed in the analgesia associated with tramadol was not as- sessed in this.